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As firemen keep on engaging the rest of the out of control fires crosswise over California, the CEO of Pacific Gas and Electric Co. Bill Johnson said Friday that battling Californians still have their homes in view of power outages facilitated by the state service organization, starting shock among many.

PG&E has confronted across the board analysis for its dependence on arranged open security power outages that plan to keep electrical hardware from starting flames. A few specialists state the troublesome move may accomplish more mischief than anything.

An ABC7 correspondent had asked Johnson on Friday what he would tell low-salary families who are being compelled to get out and restock their fridges in light of the power blackouts. Johnson reacted by saying that “the main thing is, we didn’t cause any fires” or “burn down any houses.”

“The Kincade Fire is still under investigation — I got that — but one of the things we did was give them the opportunity to actually refill their refrigerator cause their house is still there,” Johnson said.

PG&E has since quite a while ago confronted examination for its job in fierce blazes in California. After a year ago’s savage Camp Fire killed in any event 88 individuals and wrecked the town of Paradise, PG&E said that its gear was most likely what caused the blast, as per the New York Times. This May, a Federal District Court judge requested chiefs of the service organization to visit Paradise and make another wellbeing board of trustees, the Times announced. After a month, the organization arrived at a $1 billion settlement with California urban areas, districts and offices for harm brought about by the fire, the Wall Street Journal revealed.

State Sen. Scott Weiner said Johnson’s remarks were “gross” and that they would work to pass enactment that would “force PG&E to compensate people” for ruined nourishment and different harms brought about by the organization’s power outages.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has been vocal in their analysis of PG&E, saying that they should be considered responsible for a considerable length of time “decades of mismanagement” and “focusing on shareholders and dividends” over people in general. On Friday, they took steps to assume control over the organization in the event that it didn’t escape insolvency. Yet, Newsom has likewise advised the open not to target laborers on the ground. After reports that PG&E laborers were being undermined, Newsom said during a question and answer session on Thursday that, “They didn’t create this mess. They’re trying to fix it,” The Sacramento Bee revealed.

PG&E said on Friday that it had “restored power to nearly all customers” who lost power during the coordinated power outages between Oct. 26 and Oct. 29. “No one wants” these kinds of shutdowns “but it is necessary to protect our customers and communities,” Johnson said in an announcement.

PG&E recently said that the organization’s capacity blackouts, at a certain point, had influenced about 2.7 million individuals, the Associated Press detailed. PG&E’s electrical cables could have been liable for two out of control fires in the San Francisco Bay Area, the organization said Monday, as indicated by the AP.

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